DirectBox -Web version release

DirectBox Web

DirectBox Web Features

Cloud storage solution for enterprises. It is designed to share data among multiple devices including mobile and PCs. Powerful administrative console of DirectBox keeps your business secure and efficient.

DirectBox Web

How to generate a link to share large-sized files.

DirectBox released Web version for better performance between devices to use DirectBox. Now you can have almost all functions that mobile and PC agent already have including generating link sharing, up & download and access to PCs.  So you can enjoy using DirectBox for your business from your PC (Mac, Windows) , mobile App ( iOS, Android)and Web for all browser types.




The Way to Move to Boxmanager

With Web app release, you can simply move to Admin Console named Boxmanager from Web app. If you are an administrator of your company account, you can work as an user and change your role as an admin with one click.


For more information about DirectBox, you can easily visit homepage and try DirectBox .

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